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mild-mannered author, Karina Fabian

mild-mannered author, Karina Fabian

Karina Fabian:

After being a straight-A student, Karina now cultivates Fs: Family, Faith, Fiction and Fun. Winner of an EPPIE award for best sci-fi (Infinite Space, Infinite God) and a Mensa Owl for best fiction (World Gathering), and top placer in the Preditor and Editor polls (Infinite Space, Infinite God and Leaps of Faith). Karina’s writing takes quirky twists that keep her–and her fans–amused. From and order of nuns working in space to a down-and-out faerie dragon working off a geas from St. George, her stories surprise with their twists of clichés and incorporation of modern day foibles in an otherworld setting. Mrs. Fabian is President of the Catholic Writer’s Guild and also teaches writing and book marketing seminars online.

Her personal marketing efforts have built her a reputation for writing faith-filled fiction and gotten her writing contracts as well as book sales. She recently started a business mentoring authors in marking.  You can find her books and her business, The Marketing Mentor, at www.fabianspace.com.

About Gapman’s World:

About 20 years ago, a combination nuclear accident/magical mishap created a wormhole between the slumbering town of Los Lagos, Colorado, and the Duchy of Peebles on Tweed in another dimension. Scientists dubbed this opening “The Gap” and the worlds Mundane and Faerie, respectively, which goes to show not all scientists have great imaginations or that some have a wicked sense of fun. No one is quite sure which.

As Gapman grew up, so did his town: Faerie immigrants came across the Gap: first humans, then some magicals. A dragon named Vern took up residence as a private problem solver. Businesses and government agencies set up shop in the city and along the prairie toward the Gap where they could have easier access to this new world. the population has grown from a small mostly farming and bedroom community to a small interdimensional metropolis.

Quickly, everyone learned that magic didn’t mix with technology, and many technologies did not mix well with science. That doesn’t stop people from trying. There’s a healthy black market going on love potions–real and fake–charms, and on the other side–iron weaponry.  One thing that keeps this in relative control is the fact that magical potency fades with distance from the Gap.

Of course, for the most part, Los Lagos is a peaceful place, full of wonder and excitement. And now they have even more to be proud of, as Gapman, Earth’s first real superhero, makes it his home.

Take that, Metropolis!


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