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OMGapman! Yesterday, he was like, wearing a cape and today @gapmanbabe reports she saw him flying around the east side–and he was capeless!  Here’s her actual twitter alert:

@ McD’s on 5th. Gapman wo cape. Nearly spit out my shake. OMG! Explain, pls? 2 fast 4 photo. :((

We don’t know! Can anyone confirm this? Did anyone get a photo? and WHICH McDonald’s on 5th? Do you mean 5th street or Pike-Periwinkle-Fifth? Which way were you facing? Was the shake strawberry?

Curse Twitter’s 140-word characters! @gapmanbabe, e-mail me!


Wow! Someone made this killer vid about Gapman. Doesn’t it just catch his essence? The inadvertant hero, greatness by accident. Gives me freaking chills! Oh My Gapman!

We love Gapman!!!!

OMG, isn’t it so exciting? Like, a REAL superhero–right here in Los Lagos. It’s the totally coolest thing EVER to come out of the Gap.

We want to know EVERYTHING about him–and we know you do, too! Check back here for, you know, stuff about Gapman: where he’s been what he’s done, what he likes to eat. (OMG–does he eat?! We have to know!)

So, like, send us your tidbits, your photos, your opinions, even your heartfelt messages to the Man in Green and Gold. (Swwoonies!) And Gapman, if you ever come and comment, we’d just D-I-E!

Well, not really, but could we swoon in your arms?

Gapman Cloud Nine!